Monday, December 05, 2005

Crocheted Hat (Hobo Hat) and Gloves

Here is a picture of crocheted hat. I called it Hobo Hat... I couldnt get it right cuz of boxy shape, so i am decorating it with crocheted flowers and petals but haven't attach them to the hat.... I will post the picture of finshed hat soon...It is very cool hat!!!!

I have another project that i am working on are fingerless gloves for boys and they are crocheted with Caron simply soft yarn -black..I love the feel of that yarn so soft perfect for gloves not so rough on hands...

I know it is not very good picture...It didn't show details very good...I will post a picture of finshed gloves....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hello again, more photos of jewelry

Hello, Here is some more pictures of jewelry i made... Enjoy!!!

This is old gold Charm that my mom had for years in the bag with other necklaces (old and broken or just very out-dated) that she gave me....So i recycled the charm into other necklace i made....

Necklace with Charm...Most beads are recycled (colored wood beads and gold charm) and it also have polymer clay beads and seed glass beads) Isn't it charming necklace?
Funky Bird Pendant made with polymer clay.... Isnt he cute?

Monday, November 21, 2005

Necklace and Gloves

Hi, Since i am new to blog, I don't know what to say but i want to show you the necklace i made a few month ago...It is called Lavender Passion ... It is made with glass, aryclic and polymer clays...It is one of kind cuz other necklace can't be made with same beads just thier own kind ....
Isn't It cool? I was going to sell it on ebay but dont have any luck....when i get my business id and sales tax id, I will be selling the jewelry on my webisite i already set up to sell soaps...It's pretty quiet here not much to do, since my 3 sons are at their grandparents' house to spend a few days... and my daugher is watching tv here at home.. I am going to find something to keep me busy today...I am planning to crochet the fingerless gloves for my daugher soon when i get new yarns.. I will show you the process of making fingerless gloves and when it is done....Now i know what i am going to do is making balms and creams (for sore muscles as well as arthris) for my aunt....She desperately need them cuz the cartiages in her knees are completely gone...

Hello, I am new to blog

Since i am new to blog give me a minute to set up the blog... will talk to you later in a little while