Monday, April 30, 2007

My new etsy mini....

I will put up new kits for wristlets soon in a few weeks after i write up the pattern and spin some yarns for this kits.. i know i havent make up the kits past few weeks till i saw my post about wristlet kits..... I actually forgot about them.. my bad....I am going to try to put up the kits in a few weeks .. I promise....

Here is my new etsy mini in the sidebar..Check it out...
New yarns and a bag now is on my shop..

Maggie Bag:

Purple Gumball handspun yarn:

Green Mossy Swamp handspun yarns:

Hobo Handspun Yarn 2:

Lime-Green Wool/Cotton Yarn:

Hobo Handspun Yarn: