Tuesday, November 03, 2009

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Dyeing Yarns with Lichens


Left to Right

First yarn- premordanted wool with alum/cot

Second yarn- with copper/vingear

Third yarn - with copper/ammonia

Fourth yarn- with iron

This is lichen i used to dye these yarns with...

greenish grey lichen


Left to right

First yarn -lichen/ammonia-infused for 3 months then let unmordanted wool steeped in dye for 2 wks..

Second yarn-lichen/ammonia-infused for 3 months then used it to dye premordanted wool with alum and cream of tartar-simmered for 30 minutes and left it in for a week..

Third yarn-same as second one above but with different mordant- copper/ammonia

Fourth yarn- same as second one above but with different mordant- iron

Fifth yarn- infuse same lichen in the jar (same jar that still have some unused dye leftover and lichen with some more water added to it) to extract some more color for a few weeks then add unmordanted wool to dye and let it steep in for 2 weeks

Sixth yarn -unmordanted wool was steeped in same dye as 5th one above for a few weeks

Seventh yarn-mixed lichens/ammonia dye-unmordanted wool

edited to add pic of lichen..the one i used to dye 1st to 6th yarns with